Prophet Sharon Black (Stone) and Greg her husband
Our spiritual accountability.

We believe Spiritual Accountability is based on the recognition of the giftings God has given to His Servants. The Kingdom of God has its own form of government established by its King. God gives people as gifts to his Church with a specific mantle, calling and anointing.  The governmental anointing of Apostle and Prophet we seek to recognize and align ourselves through a covenant with them that carry the same vision and heart in Gods Kingdom as it relates to us and our ministry.

Spiritual leaders model and operate under specific anointings. As leaders we seek the input and covering of those that we believe we need to be in covenant and alignment with. It is much more than a structural or hierarchical principle. It is being accountable and submitted to the council, wisdom and direction of those we align with. We believe that when an individual grows into a level of leadership they must have others that they are in alignment and covenant with, and can equally be accountable to. Therefore, we strongly agree that true friends, co-laborers, and ministers in the Lord have the necessity to submit themselves to one another for protection, covering and help.

As we started serving the Lord in 1981 we became accountable to our local church leadership, the Discipleship Training School leaders, and also the leaders of the denomination by whom we were ordained in both Holland and the Canary Islands until the year 2000.

When we began a new season in our lives in the year 1999, our desire was to surround ourselves with people we trusted and recognized as anointed ministers and leaders, but most importantly, we felt carried a similar calling and anointing.

Therefore, in 2000, we joined, were ordained and commissioned by Christian International Ministries directed by Bishop Hamon and have been in covenant relationship and accountable to Sharon Stone, the leading Apostle/Prophet for Christian International in Europe