Melody de Maa

Melody Joyce is our princess and daughter. She is studying her Masters in Theology and directs the praise with a youth group at 121 Reapers in Miami, FL. She loves music!
in The ministry she helps as an assistant and takes care of all the travel details, trips, products, finances, etc...
She is also the accounting officer of the ministry and is in charge of directing the ministry projects. Melody makes sure that the boat afloat follow with the thousands of things to do! She also travels and ministers with us sometimes. It's a blessing to have her!

Jonathan de Maa

Jonathan is our firstborn. He has been gifted with an eye for graphics and composition. He is good, and we love his work. He is a proud member of our team. Yes a voluntary member (not always..) and helps with graphic design for the web, does many updates on our Typo3 website and any other thing we need from him. Check out his website.

Samuel and Nathaly Gómez. FLORIDA

Samuel and Nathaly Gómez are a married couple from the Dominican Republic that live in Florida with their two kids. Their hearts burn with love and desire to restore and expand the kingdom of God and His image here on earth. Samuel works in TV production while studying digital cinematography at a University. They both graduated from Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas, TX. and now, they both collaborate in our ministry.

Jeremy Greenawalt

I got to know Jeremy through Neil, who worked on our media team at Generals International. Jeremy became a team member of the Generals International staff. Jeremy is a very hard worker, very smart, and when I say very, I mean very. He is a nerd, and sometimes I feel I am from another planet when I talk to him...or maybe he is from another planet? Jeremy has contributed greatly to the development of our website and got me addicted to Typo3. I can highly recommend Jeremy if you look for true IT solutions. Kees-Jan


Hi, my name is Jeremy Greenawalt, and I’m the head web guru at Generals International. I’m also a freelance programmer, occasional consultant, accidental web designer, and non-commital blogger. Once upon a time, I attended the United States Air Force Academy (until knee surgery), and I’ve been a professional programmer/web developer almost non-stop since more

Ramfery Rodriguez

Ramfery has been a great help with all the duplication of our products. We started out small and using our own color printers and other duplication companies, but Ramfery now takes care of the whole process and has bought his own professional gear to do so. He delivers the high quality duplication of our CD's DVD, and Manuals. Ramfery and Minerva his wife are part of our Network of Alignment.