Bishop Bill Hamon
Christian International


Since the early 80's we have known Christian International through the books of Bishop Hamon. The book "Prophets and Personal Prophecy" impacted our lives and layed down the foundation for hearing the voice of God.
During the 90's we became closely related to Christian International through conferences and personal contact with Bishop Hamon and Dr. Sharon Stone, which resulted in becoming ordained CI ministers in the year 2000.
Bishop Hamon is one that has greatly influenced our understanding about the apostolic and prophetic.


Christian International Europe


Since the year 2000, we have been part of Christian International Europe while ministering in the Canary Islands, Spain. Dr. Sharon Stone is the Apostle of the Christian International Network in Europe. She has been a very close friend and is a tremendous woman of God.


Mike and Cindy Jacobs
Generals International


During our visit in 1993 to Mar de Plata, Argentina, we heard about Cindy Jacobs for the first time when God spoke prophetic words related to Cindy.
Candy started translating for Cindy for the first time in 1999 in Barcelona, Spain.
In 2003 Kees-Jan, Candy and the family moved to the United States to help Cindy start and establish her International TV ministry.
Cindy and Mike Jacobs have become personal friends of Kees-Jan and Candy and have also greatly impacted their understanding of the Kingdom of God.


International Deborah Company


Candy de Maa is one of the founders of Deborah's Company International, directed by Cindy Jacobs. Deborah's Company is an organization of international women leading different sectors of society; they meet once a year to share stories and information about their ministries, to be encouraged and strengthened, and to finance philanthropic projects. Many of these women have their own Deborah's groups in their regions and nations. This organization is growing rapidly, spreading through all continents.


Sergio Zubillaga and family
Ministerios Apostolicos Buenas Nuevas


We were part of the beginning of Buenas Nuevas TV Ministry, in the Canary Islands, Spain, being the founders together with Sergio and Dolores Zubillaga. For years we worked as directors of this 24 hrs TV channel. And Kees-Jan helped raise other TV channels related to Buenas Nuevas TV in other islands.



Christ for the Nations Institute


Kees-Jan and Candy both have been teachers at CFNI. Several of the materials we offer were recorded during these classes.


TBN Enlace


We have been in contact with TBN Enlace since 1994 when we began with Buenas Nuevas TV. Enlace helped Buenas Nuevas Ministry in very diverse ways, this ministry shared several programs with Enlace as well.

For years, Candy de Maa's programs have been broadcasted by Enlace to all the countries that receive its emission, nowadays they are 57 countries.

In the last 4 years Candy has had a closer relationship with Juanita Gonzalez since they both belong to the group of founders of Deborah's Company, being Juanita the one in charge for latinamerica. In March of this year, Candy will be one of the guest speakers invited to Deborah's Company Conference in Costa Rica, Enlace will broadcast this live event to all the Spanish-speaking nations.


Fe que liberta


We have known Epi LimiƱana and his ministry for many years. We got to know each other in The Canary Islands during a Crusade. During that time Epi dedicated us a lot of time teaching us about deliverance in a deeper level. This period of time changed our lives adding knowledge to what we had already learned from Carlos Annacondia being with him in Argentina. Epi LimiƱana's ministry is characterized by a lot of deliverances, physical healings, signs and miracles. We can say that few people have such level of annointing, and knowledge in deliverance.