Kees-Jan de Maa


Apostle Kees-Jan de Maa is an Ordained Minister with Christian International under the leadership of Prophet Sharon Stone. Kees-Jan and his wife have been in the ministry since 1981. They served as pastors and teachers in churches and Bible Schools for many years. Kees-Jan has started and directed TV and Radio broadcast stations.

They helped Mike and Cindy Jacobs launch and establish their international television ministry. Besides ministering with an Apostolic Calling, Kees-Jan also ministers prophetically. He has his own multimedia company that provides advice, consulting and media productions including websites and graphics.

Kees-Jan is also a part of the Apostolic Counsel of Prophetic Elders lead by Cindy Jacobs. And a member of the International Coalition of Apostles.

The name of their ministry ¨Fulfilling Destiny¨ shows their vision and passion. Kees-Jan ministers with his wife Candy de Maa internationally as an Apostolic and Prophetic team. They provide apostolic covering through their International Network of Alignment. Both offer complete teaching seminars. They have two children and live in the United States.

I was born and raised in Holland. In 1981 I dedicated my life to the Lord and started serving Him. I joined "Jong en Vrij", a discipleship training school, and started to see that God had put a strong calling on my life. Since the very beginning of my walk with God I felt He was going to do something here and now, and not only in the far future. The Kingdom of God became a central theme in my life and thoughts. The different missions trips, my personal experiences with God, created a strong desire to see God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven. (Mat. 6:10) I felt the need to continue my preparations and started my studies at Continental Bible College of the AG in Brussels, Belgium, where Candy and I met and got married in 1985. It was in this time that I started to better understand my apostolic calling upon my life. It was the first time a Prophet spoke these words to me. We moved to Holland in 1986 where we both worked in the marketplace while being a leader in our local church. We were youth pastors and teachers in the church. Both Jonathan and Melody were born in those years.

From the very beginning I had been conducting and initiating projects, systems and operations. We moved to Spain in 1992 and became supervisors of the Bible College in Las Palmas. in 1993 together with Sergio Zubillaga, my brother in law, we established the first Christian TV network in the Canary Islands, Spain.  All the while Candy and I were serving as pastors and teachers. We later extended to managing radio stations as well.

In 1999 We started pastoring a church in Tenerife and started to teach more and more in other churches and conferences. I also dedicated a lot of time to media training. In 2000 we joined Christian International Europe and have been ordained ministers with them since than.

In June 2003 we moved to the United States to serve and assist Mike and Cindy Jacobs  in starting their international TV ministry with the show "God Knows". As a team we created all the systems, operations and even a TV studio. When God called us to move on I could hand over the responsibility to an amazing group of young people I had trained. Over the years, as we functioned in different responsibilities, a strong desire started to develop to train and equip men and women in the marketplace to establish God's kingdom on the Earth. In May 2008, Candy and I began to form, shape, and organize our ministry called Fulfilling Destiny.  

As we build the site and systems we had a vision to share with others what God has done. We live to see Gods Destiny in people's lives and earth come to fulfillment. He has taught us things we want to pass on. We enjoy seeing the website becoming a place where you can find direction for your life, and then gather knowledge and become equipped to fulfill your calling. We are passionate about seeing people trained and equipped to excel beyond their teachers, while also raising up a generation that will achieve even greater things. I believe that serving God and fulfilling our destiny is living life to the fullest.