Themes that we offer:    

Both Candy and I were called into the Ministry in 1981. Since that time we have been actively involved in establishing many different projects. Both of us have taught since the very early days of our walk with God. Some of these include: discipleship training schools, churches, seminars, public schools, the market place etc. God has used us to start and develop many new projects, like schools, churches, TV and radio stations, TV production facilities, etc. As pastors and teachers we felt the need and burden to specifically teach and equip people with the skill, ability, and knowledge to develop and maintain the ministry in which God has called them to fill . For more than 29 years we have seen God work in amazing ways and love Him and the causes of His Kingdom. We have dedicated our lives, as a family, to His call and destiny on our lives.

Below you will find some of the areas we have worked and taught in for many years. They are all directly related to the apostolic and prophetic giftings God has placed on our lives. Feel free to contact us if you like to schedule us to come and teach and/or minister.

Blessings,  Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa.

Candy can teach and minister in Spanish and English.
Kees-Jan can teach and minister in English, Spanish and Dutch.

The Kingdom of God  (by Kees-Jan and Candy)

The central theme of Jesus' message is the Kingdom of God. Throughout all of scripture God demonstrates that His purpose is to establish his Kingdom on the earth. Sessions on this subject include: What is the Kingdom of God, What is our position in the Kingdom of God, How to establish Gods Kingdom in our lives, our homes, our church, the Marketplace, the Government and in all the earth.

Both Kees-Jan and Candy offer teachings on this subject.

The Prophetic (por Kees-Jan y Candy)

Scripture encourages us all to prophesy (1 Cor 14:39). As part of Christian International , and having served with Prophet Cindy Jacobs, we have been participants in the prophetic and apostolic movement for many years now. We have walked in the prophetic ourselves, and prophesied over many and have seen God's words come to pass. We enjoy training and teaching others to do the same. Candy's primary calling is that of a prophet. Courses we teach include: How to hear the voice of God, The Prophetic Course I , II and III. We have manuals in English and Spanish.

Both Kees-Jan and Candy offer teachings on this subject.

The Supernatural  (by Kees-Jan and Candy)

One way God's Kingdom reveals itself is through the supernatural. God is supernatural, and He empowers us to do supernatural acts in His name. We can learn to walk in the supernatural, to experience the signs that Jesus promised that will follow the believer, how to heal the sick, work miracles, and wonders by demonstration and to teach other believers how to start to walk in the supernatural as well.

Both kees-Jan and Candy offer teachings on this subject.

Faith (by Kees-Jan and Candy)

Our walk in the Kingdom of God is done in faith. God has empowered our spirits with the capacity to believe, to have faith. Faith in God, His Word and Promises will be followed with signs and wonders. In all areas of our daily life. In how we conduct business, in our relationships, in establishing Gods purposes in our lives and in the earth. Jesus showed that all was possible for those that believed. Through the teaching of Gods Word and understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven, faith is released and imparted. In our lives and ministry we know God responds to faith. We have seen Him work in so many wonderful ways.

Both kees-Jan and Candy teach this subject.

The Gifts  (by Candy)

The Holy Spirit gives each believer the gifts that he or she needs to fulfill their destiny, but also to serve and minister to others. Jesus also gave gifts to the Church, men and women of God, called to one of five offices (Eph.4:11). 

The teachings on the gifts of the Holy Spirit will help the believer understand the desire of God to give gifts and recognize giftings the Holy Spirit has given them. It will challenge and empower each participant to operate in his or her giftings.

Candy teaches this subject.

Deliverance and Inner Healing (by Candy)

Jesus calls it the bread of the children. He means to say that it is for every believer. Spiritual freedom and experiencing God's supernatural healing of emotional pain and wounds is on God's heart. After staying at Carlos Anacondia's home, and learning in "the deliverance tent" in Argentina in the early nineties, our lives were drastically changed as we returned to Spain. Candy spent many hours a week ministering deliverance and inner healing to many. She trained and developed a team that helped her, and wrote an in depth course and manual on the subject. Experience, theory and application make this course a powerful tool in destroying the works of the Devil. A student and teachers manual is available in Spanish.

Candy teaches primarily on this subject. Kees-Jan can also teach and minister in this area as well.

God's Economy (by Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa)

Jesus challenges us to be good stewards. God's desire is to see His children prosper. To prosper financially and to create wealth is part of God's redemptive plan. The sessions on finances display God's desire to bless, help understand the principles to be blessed, the applications in which to take in all areas of our life, what the promises of God are and how to receive them as they relate to our economy.

Kees-Jan teaches primarily on this subject. Candy can also teach and minister in this area as well.

The Family (by Kees-Jan and Candy)

Family is one of God's most precious designs to create a legacy of hope and righteousness from generation to generation. We have formed a family for more than 23 years and have seen God's grace and mercy form and shape us and our children. These sessions are designed to stir up hope and destiny in each family member to take on the challenge this time presents to us. Based on the Word of God and practical experience, this course touches on many different areas, including intimate areas of the family. We do have a manual in Spanish that accompanies the seminary.

Both Kees-Jan normally share the teachings on this subject.

Intercession (by Kees-Jan and Candy)

Prayer, spiritual warfare, intercession, decreeing, spiritual mapping and the healing of the land are subjects taught under the header "Intercession". As children of God, God desires to have intimacy with us, but also wants us to walk in His authority and be co-laborers with Him as He establishes His will on Earth. The course teaches on intimacy with God through prayer, our position in Christ, God's role, our role and the Devil's works. It releases faith in each believer to assume their God given responsibilty in seeing God's will done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Both Kees-Jan and Candy normally share the teachings on this subject.



Societal Transformation (by Kees-Jan de Maa)

Jesus' redemptive work is meant to affect society. We are called to be the light and salt of the earth. Each sphere of influence in society needs to be governed by the principles of God and His Kingdom. The believer in this age is not only called to be a spiritual influence, but also a societal influence. Through these teachings you will get a better understanding of how God wants to use each one of us in our place in society to establish His righteous government. It will challenge us to become involved in establishing His will on Earth.

Kees-Jan normally teaches on this subject.

Women (by Candy de Maa)

Candy´s desire is to see every women fulfill her purpose and calling in her life. God wants to use women and man in his Kingdom. Each woman can be used with power by God. Candy encourages and challenges women to take their place in their realm of influence where God has placed them: in their home, their family, their job, their church, etc...

Candy preaches, teaches and activates women on this subject.

Leadership (by Kees-Jan de Maa)

Legacy is created through true leadership. Jesus showcased God's model of leadership. Leaders lead by example, so others can follow. The teachings on leadership will call and empower each person to become a great leader in his or her sphere of influence and responsibility. Practical examples and life's lessons of success and mistakes make this an enjoyable course.

Kees-Jan normally teaches on this subject.

Men Talk (by Kees-Jan de Maa)

Men have a very specific destiny in God's Plan. Men need to be ministered to as men, according to their own needs and challenges. Sessions cover specific subjects related to men and how they can fulfill their God given destiny. For example getting to know the heart of the Father, becoming a father, living a life of holiness, how to overcome temptation, building a Godly character and being a loving father and spouse.

Kees-Jan normally teaches on this subject.