Welcome to our Volunteer page.

As a ministry organization we have many opportunities for volunteers to help us. As a volunteer you become a part of the world-wide mission we carry out as Fulfilling Destiny. Both Candy and I and our children have done lots of voluntary work. It is such a great way to bless ministries and organizations with the giftings God has given to us.

What does it mean to become a volunteer of Fulfilling Destiny.

  1. You become part of a team of people with a heart to serve and work in all areas with excellence.
  2. You will learn a lot about administration and communication.
  3. You offer your time and talents without expecting to be paid for it. It is your offering into the ministry and all the lives we touch through the working of the team.
  4. According to your commitment and time you give as a the team member, you will benefit and learn from all the exciting things that are going on in Fulfilling Destiny. We want to sow into your life as well, and make as many resources we have available to you as a return on your investment.
  5. Our prayer team will be praying for you as a team member.

How does this work?

Thanks to technology (and we love technology..) it is possible to become part of the Fulfilling Destiny team without having to be physically present. A lot of what needs to be done can be organized and delivered through the help of the Internet. That is where we start. 

We call this our virtual office. Each month we are working on improving our virtual office and believe this to be the way we need to set things up to be ready for the future.

When you want to help as a volunteer contact us, by emailing us. Give as much info as possible and tell us what your skills are and in what area you like to help us. Click here and sent the email to our assistant who will share all your info with us.

Who can help us?
It is important for you and us to be in love with God and His work. You need to be able to identify yourself  with what God has called us to do at Fulfilling Destiny Ministries. It is like joining a soccer team. We can't do it alone, but we need to keep the same goal in mind. There is a coach, in this case God appointed leadership that will have to watch the course we are going. We need to stay focused. We need to count on your level of maturity and remember that you will represent our ministry when you join the team. As if you joined a new soccer team. We are not qualified, nor have the time to babysit. We need you to have specific skills or experience that is asked for. As you join you ad to the team what the team is missing. If you speak English and Spanish that would be really nice, but not necessary. We prefer to communicate in English, Spanish or Dutch.

We are praying for people God will give us, and we want you to be an answer to our prayers.

What we need:

From English to Spanish, and from Spanish to English. At this moment need proficient translators for Spanish to English.

Media Producers
We need skilled people to help us with the creation of Radio and TV programs.

IT and Internet help
We need people that are skilled WordPress users. Also those that are proficient with a computer and internet. If you are really smart and fast we cna teach you how to edit in our website. We now have almost a 1000 pages in our Fulfilling Destiny Site and we need more editors!

We need skilled writers and editors. For Spanish and English.

Just handy help. You know the help that cleans and uses muscles. 

Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa