Paying through Western Union

We have had the request from people to be able to order products or give donations through Western Union.

If you desire to buy products or sent money to Fulfilling Destiny follow this procedure:

1 Write us an email: Click here to write an email

2. Give us your name, address, including Country and phone number.
(If you order a downloadable product, we only need your name, address, phone-number and email)

3. Tell us what product you like to order. Write down the code of the product(s) in the email.


Product:  La IntercesiĆ³n Eficaz - MP3 CD - and Price

Product Code: MCS35100 

Or  La IntercesiĆ³n Eficaz - MP3 download - and Price

Product Code: MPS35100 We will sent you a link so you can download the product. This way you save the shipping and handling costs.

4. We will write you an email with the costs of the product including the shipping. You will receive a pre-order CODE that needs to be written on the Western Union transfer. (This code becomes our purchase reference)

5. You write an email with the transfer information of your Western Union Money Transfer. Your name and address and Western Union transfer code.

6. We will check for the arrival of the transfer and if correct, we will sent the product(s) to your address and let you know by email that your product order has shipped.

If you are sending an donation please mention that on your transfer. 

The Red Oak Western Union Office:
Pay to: Kees-Jan de Maa
Fulfilling Destiny Ministries
Western Union
Office Location: 17101 Miramar Pkwy
City: Miramar, FL 33027-4565  USA


Ap. Kees-Jan y Candy de Maa