Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa
Warm greetings!

It’s our desire to share with you what God is doing in our Ministry at this moment. We have been able to serve for more than thirty years and we hope that somehow you have been blessed by us during our journey.
We have served the Lord as Pastors, Teachers in Bible Schools, Directors of TV and Radio Stations as we launched the first Christian TV Station in Spain. We have also helped other ministries start their TV ministry, like Cindy Jacob’s TV Ministry.
In 2008 we started our Ministry “Fulfilling Destiny,” whose name reflects our call to serve, inspire and equip people so they can fulfill their purpose of God in their lives.
The Ministry has grown Internationally and we have been able to inspire and equip thousands of people around the world through different events, teaching materials, the Network of  Alignment (Covering we offer), Seminars, Counseling Leaders, Television, Radio, Books, etc.
The favor of God and our reach has increased in all these years, which also means the need for more staff, systems and equipment. So far, the honorariums we receive, the sales of our material and income of our Network of Alignment has financed the Ministry. The Ministry has grown beyond what this income provides. We need more financial income in order to serve God in all the vision He has given us.
We have been praying for a group of friends that wants to help and support us so we can do what God has given us to do and take advantage of the opportunities offered to us to expand and establish His Kingdom.
We would like you to consider becoming a part of our support group that help us financially in our Ministry. God is giving us favor, but we need people like you who believe in what we do and that is united with us in our call of blessing and discipling the nations!
Your offering will help us in these different ways:

  1. Help us produce our TV and Radio programs. We have been given the opportunity to produce our own programs for the International TV channel “Enlace,”  as well as radio programs for radio stations from people we know in the nations. We need TV equipment and finances for the production costs.
  2. With invitations for strategic international meetings, in order to connect and particpate in Prophetic Round Tables in the USA, Latin America. Assisting and participating in strategic meetings at Universities dedicated to Societal Transformation. We as for help, because we have to pay for our own travel expenses (Tickets, hotel and food)
  3. With offerings to go and Minister in Nations that do not have the financial means to supply the necessary expenses.

We know your support will make a difference and produce fruit in the Nations!

What we will do is pray for you and your family and if your gift is more than $50.00 we will give you access to our Inner Circle online membership. We will also keep you informed about the advances of what God is doing in the ministry.
Click here to become a part of our group of friends that plants a seed on a regular basis.
Click here if you desire to plant a one-time seed
We believe and pray that God will reward you with a great harvest!
Warm greetings,
Kees-Jan y Candy de Maa