Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa

How to become a Fulfilling Destiny Archer

Becoming an archer of Fulfilling Destiny Ministry is a great way to become a part of the work God has called us (Kees-Jan and Candy)  to do. 

We are all called in different areas to serve the King in establishing His Kingdom. Our desire is to help you fulfill your calling. If you identify with what we do, and are blessed by the resources and ministry and want to support what we do by helping us financially, we will commit ourselves to praying for you and provide resources that will help you develop your call of God.

We believe that God will speak to you as you consider your financial support and partner with us. What we do is so exciting, and life changing, it is worth the investment.

And your support is not only appreciated but needed to accelerate the work we have been called to do in His Kingdom. Become a part of the most exiting move of God in this time of your life.

Your offering is a seed in Gods eyes. He will take that seed and multiply it. In the kingdom all we do is a win win situation!

Fulfilling Destiny Ministry Archers,

Our Ministry Logo shows a Bow as used by an Archer. We believe our calling is to help people find their calling and destiny in their life. As the Archer needs the Bow to launch the arrow, the Archer determines the direction of the arrow. So the arrow will hit the mark. We want to be used by God as Archers with Bows (our calling, giftings and resources) to shoot arrows (people) in their God given direction. The arrow will have to fulfill its own destiny once given its direction under Gods guidance.  The same principle we have applied in raising up our children. See Psa 127:3-5.

Our logo: The symbolism of the bow and arrow.

Fulfilling Destiny Ministries is called to help people through their Ministries, Businesses, cities and nations   fulfill their God given Destiny.
  1. The bow: Represents all Fulfilling Destiny Ministries offers.
  2. The arrows: Are the people, ministries, businesses etc, that have a God given destiny
  3. The Target/the Mark: Is the destiny and purpose of each person, ministry, business etc.
  4. The army of Archers: Are those that help Fulfilling Destiny fulfill its God given call and mission.
    1. Through their prayers and support they become a part of the ministries mission.  

Join the army of Archers

    This is a big task and we cannot fulfill it alone. We need archers, partners like you. There is a tremendous power and blessing released by partnering in the Kingdom!. In the Kingdom everybody always wins, you bless the Ministry and you will be blessed and positioned because you do so. Those are the words of God. Become a Partnership Archer today! Our heart and life is dedicated to training up Archers and people like you that will shoot each arrow to hit the mark so God can establish His Kingdom on Earth.

    If you have been blessed by our ministry we encourage you to be one of our partners, becoming a Partnership Archer. That gives you a chance to sow into the ministry. The Word says that what you sow you will reap. If you like to become of part of this mission and its rewards, join the army of Fulfilling Destiny‚Äôs Archers today. As you do so we believe and pray that where you sow you will also reap.

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    We pray Gods Blessing on your life and calling,

    Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa

    If you want to partner with us or want to know about more specific projects, please fill out the form below, and we will get in touch with you.