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Fulfilling Destiny Ministries is characterized by its preaching, teaching and ability to minister in the super natural. It’s our desire to motivate and equip you so you can also fulfill Gods call and purpose in your life.

Fulfilling Destiny offers seminars on teaching, activation and impartation. If you could attend any of these seminars it would be great. Yet, if you are unable to attend any we have teachings that you can use as resources and study materials. Our Inner Circle Membership is Especially Designed for that purpose.


Inner Circle:

Reciba enseñanzas, inspiración, impartición y acitivación de forma contínua por medio del Círculo Cercano. En esta membresía anual usted tiene acceso a ver y descargar todo nuestro material de nuestra Tienda en Línea, además de los Temas del Mes. Nuestro ministerio le ofrece un Tema diferente cada mes con videos, audios y notas. 

Pulse aquíInner Circle Plans para hacerse miembro del Círculo Cercano. 

Fulfilling Destiny Seminars

Fulfilling Destiny offers Seminars that will help you to be effective in your calling. The seminars are designed to inspire and teach you to have God's perspective of things and will give you the tools to help you establish His Kingdom in your workplace. It will empower you so you can fulfill God's calling in your place of vocation.

He escrito este libro “Cómo alcanzar sus promesas” para activar tu fe creyendo a Dios y para que colabores con Él a lo largo de la trayectoria. En cada capítulo verás la jornada por la que normalmente Dios nos lleva a todos para lograr su propósito en nuestras vidas, ¡Él quiere que estemos listos para el cumplimiento de sus promesas! 


Resource Media (Multimedia):

Audio files and videos. This is an easy and effective way to hear and see the revelation and manifestation of God's Kingdom. The same presence that was released at the moment of the recording will touch your life as you listen and watch.


Demo Videos

Each website operates in its own unique way. We show you how ours works so you can take full advantage of all the resources we have made available for you.


News Updates:
This is our way to share with you what God is doing around the world and through Fulfilling Destiny Ministries. We will also provide information about other prophets, apostles and ministries.
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Our On-Line Store

Visit our On-line store where you can order sessions designed for your growth. We offer a wide range of materials on many subjects such as family, cell-group, church or business. These sessions are designed to equip you for the work of your ministry. Some series come with a manual you can use as you study the materials. If you would like to use these teachings in groups and need larger quantities, please checkout the "licenses" for large order discounts in our store. 


Teaching Subjects:

You will be able to see the themes that Kees-Jan and Candy teach on. 



We provide free podcasts of audio and video recordings. Be sure to subscribe to our podcasts and automatically receive them into your audio program. (Project under construction).