Testimony of a former homosexual named Curro ArrĂ©bola


My name is Francisco Arrebola, but my nickname since childhood is Curro (which means "walking in light") and also is asscociated with the word "work". I'm sure it sounds cliche but working in the light is now my favorite thing to do for the Lord. I work for the broken hearted together with my beloved wife, Eva.

Rather than giving a testimony of my former life, I would like to bring a message of hope to people who are facing any type of brokeness in the area of sexual identity.

I was broken, when I arrived to to the counseling and freedom ministry, led by Candy de Maa at Igelesia Centro Evangelistico in Las Palmas de Grand Canaries, over 15 years ago. 


After a long struggle over leaving the world of homosexuality, one night I said this prayer: "My Lord, there has to be a better life for me than this." Then I went to the counseling and deliverance ministry where God showed me that nothing was impossible for Him. That was the first time I had experienced God's love that healed and brought complete freedom in my life. The trials weren't easy but God began a work of restoration and freedom at that church along with my wife and some handpicked women. Through that, God birthed a ministry led by my wife and me in Catalunya, Spain called Abriendo Camino.


I am very thankful for Candy de Maa and her team for having so much compassion during those years of my life that were the beginning of a work God had already predestined for me.


We have to give credit to the ministries that God puts in the church because they are the instruments God uses for edification and healing in that church's city. For me, that time gave me a way to face all of the negativity I had inside of me. Today, we can do the same through the calling God granted us.


Thank you Candy, thank you Kees-Jan for all the support you gave me during that time. Thank you to my wife, who always encourages me as well as those that God puts in our path. Above all, thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ, who is our teacher and guide at all times.


                                                    Curro and Eva 


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