Video Enews July 2014

Discover how Jesus is!

“...All the while, you will grow as you learn to know God better and better.”  Col. 1:10 (NLT)

Paul always encourages us to seek God in order to discover how wonderful He is,  because it’s easy to fall into religious rules instead of seeking Him, with the desire to have an intimate relationship with Him.

It’s different to know the story of Jesus than to know Him personally.
It’s different to recite a Bible verse than to know what He is thinking.
It’s not the same to believe in Him than to celebrate and enjoy Him.
God wants to have a personal relationship with you!

Jesus wants for you to know Him, He says: If you seek me, you shall find me and you will enjoy Me!

Dres. Kees-Jan y Candy de Maa

Itinerary 2014

MÉXICO - Querétaro y San Juan del Río.

COLOMBIA - Maicao y

ECUADOR - Guayaquil.

"Seminario Profético" en Guayaquil, ECUADOR.

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