Video Enews May 2014

God Wants to Show You His Purpose

How painful it is to feel out of place for not knowing who we are and not knowing our potential!

We need to listen the Word of the Lord so that we do not live below our purpose, nor for what He wants to for us. Has it happened that when you listen to God, He helped you understand who you are, what you have been going through, and because of that you even changed your plans?

God has created you unique and wants to show His purpose in order to help you know how to think, what to do, and with whom you should associate with.

Seek divine revelation because it gives you identity, it changes you and gives you direction!

Dres. Kees-Jan y Candy de Maa

Dastan Serie IV

Testimony - Healing from stuttering


USA - Florida. Conferencia Redoma de Segadores de Vida.

MÉXICO - San Cristóbal, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Villahermosa y Ciudad del Carmen.

ECUADOR - Quito. Conferencia "Mujer Empodérate"

USA - Dallas.
Consultoría de sistemas y producción de TV. Ap. Kees-Jan.
USA - Michigan
. Acton University Conference. Apóstol Kees-Jan.

PANAMÁ - Panamá.
"Compañía de Mujeres".

HONDURAS - San Pedro Sula. Conferencia "Hacia tu Promoción".

MÉXICO - Villahermosa. Seminario "Familias con Propósito"

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