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Word for 2014 by Prophet Candy de Maa

2014, the year of the "Window of Opportunity" to get ready and established.

2014, Year of "preparation for the future big economic and political changes".
We are right now on soft ground because great global changes are coming, starting in 2015, and 2016.

This year the Lord is opening the heavens in a very special way to provide what we need for the future. He is giving us a window of opportunity to get ready and well established.

2014, a year to "check and establish our foundations".
God wants us to pay special attention to our “house”, the kind of pillars we have as a foundation that will sustain us during the shakings and changes that are coming.

"I saw a house built on soft ground, but it was built with long and strong pillars that reached the rock underneath".

2014, a year of "God´s blessings" with the purpose to build for the future.
This will be a good year. We will have God's blessings to build the right foundations because the ground where we are standing on in the natural is soft and unstable for the big changes that are coming.

God says, "Establish strong pillars of character and wisdom to secure your stability in the future: have right understanding of my ways, keep a right attitude and a humble spirit as a lifestyle, learn to do things efficiently, live a life of righteousness and justice in the small things even when nobody sees you, be smart in what you do and the way you do it, … do your part, and I will do mine".

2014, a year of "more manifestations of Thy Kingdom Come"
I believe that we are entering in an era where we will see more and more of the manifestation of “Thy Kingdom Come”.
The separation between the dimensions of heaven and earth will become thinner and thinner. We will experience that we will function in both dimensions at the same time, like when we see two images on top of each other.
As a Body of Christ we will have more revelation how to see  the Kingdom manifested.

2014, a year of more "revelation of kingdom strategies".

The awareness of the heavens participating in our daily businesses will increase. God will release more revelation on how to establish his Kingdom on the earth. He will share with us more of His wisdom and knowledge to help us to do his plans. He will also teach us how to be more efficient and get more things done with heaven's help.

2014, a year of "more supernatural manifestations".

We will experience more open heavens with divine encounters, helps of angels, and the glory will manifest in our midst in greater dimensions with the manifestation of the supernatural. We must have an expectation for the supernatural manifestations of God and we will see an increase in salvations, healings, deliverances and miracles.

2014, a year to "get ready to cross over to the other side".
This year is a year to get ready so we do not need to be worried about the future. It is like the people in Alaska who know that the winter is coming and get ready ahead of time. When the ice comes, they need to be ready.

Be blessed as you pray, meditate and adjust yourself to the word of the Lord for 2014

Prophet Candy de Maa



17-21 of January. MEXICO - Querétaro. Minister in the Church Iglesia Unidad Cristiana.
17,18 y 21. Special Activities in the Church.
19 January. Ministry during the 3 Sunday Services
20 of January.  SEMINARY “Deliverance and Inner Healing" in Christ for the Nations, Querétaro, Mexico.