Enews January 2017

The year 2017: Breakthrough and Expansion!

We have a great expectation of what God will do for you in this year 2017!

God showed me that this year we will see His hand work powerfully in our favor. God would supernaturally intervene to break open the way to harvest what we have been preparing with prayer, effort and sacrifice.

In this message I explain what God wants to do and how you can position yourself for the miracle to become a reality in your life. Join and see what can happen when you align to what God wants to do in your life!

Click on the video to hear the word for 2017 God gave me for you.

2016 was a year of building, reframing, and laying foundations. 2017 is a year of expansion and growth. Check out our school of training that will help you position yourself for the blessings of God in 2017. Or organize an event inviting us to come to your church or city and see God impart the people you serve!

We thank God for your life, prayers, and support and desire to serve you in 2017 with what God has given us.

Sincerely, Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa