Highlight of the Month

As an apostolic and prophetic ministry we like to share some prophetic words with you  for 2013. 

At these times it is important that we have God's perspective on the various situations. The enemy has a plan for you and the nations but God also has its very unique own, and it is much better! God always has the last word and move. Remember, God will show that his name is above all names!

Click here to read the Word for 2013 given by the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders in the USA. 

The Word for 2013, by Candy de Maa

When we were making the transition from one year to the other, God showed me several biblical principles. 

Even though adverse circumstances can raise around us, let us look at them as opportunities where God will show his favor and kindness if we can believe. God likes to speak in your favor!

Click here to read the advice that God showed Candy that will help you see the blessing of God flow in your life despite the circumstances.

Serie recomendada

Serie recomendada para el mes de Enero “Dimensiones de lo profético” La revelación divina es básica para todo lo que queramos lograr en nuestras vidas. Dios desea hablarnos y depende de nosotros si captamos lo que él nos quiere comunicar. La profeta Candy de Maa nos enseña a escuchar la voz y comparte claves importantes para crecer en lo profético.

Temas incluidos:

1. Revelación, fruto de la intimidad con Dios
2. Intercesión profética
3. Niveles proféticos

Dimensions in the Prophetic - by Candy Maa

Growing to other levels in the prophetic. In the prophetic there are different levels. Prophet Candy de Maa shares important keys on how to grow into other dimensions in the prophetic. We all need to grow and develop our supernatural life in the Kingdom of God. Divine revelation is central to everything we want to accomplish in our lives and in Gods Kingdom. Enjoy the other levels!