Living in faith

We have a whole year ahead to see the greatness of God working in and through us. Jesus has given us the Holy Spirit's help. He wants to fellowship with us, to reveal who God is and who we are in Him
Would you like to have fellowship with the Holy Spirit continuously? What a privilege it is to enter new dimensions of the Spirit and to know God personally.

Take time to be alone with God. The Holy Spirit desires to show us how to obtain the blessings that Jesus has provided for us. When we seek God, The Holy Spirit teaches us all things!

Highlight of the Month: "The Holy Spirit teaches us all things"

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The Theme we recommend for this month is: "The Holy Spirit in the believer" (Theme number 24).

Audio Topics included:

1. "The Holy Spirit teaches us all things"
2. "The Holy Spirit empowers us to serve you"
3. "The importance of speaking in tongues" Notes: The great help of the Holy Spirit.

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