"Gods Kingdom Plan. Aligning Earth with Heaven.


Jesus prayer is "Let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven" (Mat 6:10) In this exciting series we take a journey and dig into Gods original plan with man and His creation, and how Christ's redemptive work has empowered the believer to actually see Jesus' prayer come true. His desire is to see Gods Kingdom being established in the Earth. The journey will shape our Christian Worldview and show us how to fulfill our destiny in Christ in this time.

You find the audio from the first season and as we teach, the ones from this season.

In this second season we will dedicate several sessions on the "7 Mountain Mandate". The 7 mountains or spheres of influence that shape the way a society thinks and behaves are:  Religion, Family, Education, Government, Media, Arts & Entertainment and Business. 

Drs. Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa


Session Titles:

Season 1

1. Introduction - KJ
2. Gods original purpose with man - Candy
3. The Garden of Eden and the fall of Lucifer  -KJ
4. The Fall and its consequences 1 -KJ
5. The Fall and its consequences -2 -KJ
6. The Time of the OT -Keys of interpretation  -KJ

Season 2

7. The 7 Mountains Introduction -KJ (Has Keynote slides, download pdf below)
8. Dominion Theology and Gods Redemption Plan 1 -KJ (Has Keynote slides, download pdf below)
9. Exercising Authority on the Earth - Candy

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