Dastan: Learning to live from our Place in the Palace. Everything Starts with Knowing Our Identity in Christ.

Before the creation of heaven and earth, God was so excited about creating man after his own image, that when man came into existence he rejoiced and said that it was very good. The purpose was that man would adapt the identity of his creator, and become like the one he would worship.

This series is about the love of God towards us in Christ Jesus. And how we start our walk of growth and strength and identity in him by looking at who God is so we can become like Him, true sons of the Father in heaven. In this series I am using the example of Dastan the Prince of Persia, a young man who was picked up from the slumps of the city and brought into the palace of the King. From one day to another he became a Prince of Persia, but he also had to become the prince of Persia. This story runs parallel to our story in Christ Jesus. Enjoy the series.

Dr. Kees-Jan de Maa

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