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Each website has its own way of working and we'd like to help you navigate so can take full advantage of the resources we have created for you.

This section will grow over time. Please let us know if you have any questions. You can post your question on the right. Make sure you double check your email, that's the only way we can get in touch with you.

Ap Kees-Jan de Maa

Videos and Slides explaining how our website works

Ways to navigate in our website 


  1. To go back to the home page click on the top left graphic of the ministry logo, or click home in the navigation menu. The navigation menu is the turquoise colored menu that says: Welcome About Us  | Resources  | Events  | Contact  | Store  | Donate  | Login
  2. You can use the navigation menu at the right top of the page to go to different pages. As you click on a main group/section, you will have grey colored sub page titles show up. By clicking on these you go one level deeper to other pages.
  3. The Quick Links or Quick Menu's on almost every page are related to the main subjects you are visiting from the navigation menu options. They are either located on the right or left side of the page and say "Quick Links". There are pages that can only be accessed my means of these links.
  4. Buttons. We use sidebar buttons and other buttons that have the title of the subject on them. Just click on them and experience the magic.. The size helps mobile phone users in navigating our website. (You must love Iphones...)
  5. Links. Inside a sentence you will see words in another color. By clicking on it you will go to another page/area in our site.
  6. Pictures. Most of the time you can click on a picture and it will open up another window and enlarge it for you. For the curious amongst us.
  7. Language. You can choose between English or Spanish. On the home page and some other pages there is a button with the language on it. Click on it and the website will change into the language of choice. At the left bottom of each page there are two icons. One "English" flag and one "Spanish" flag. Click on the language of your choice.



Questions and answers


I forgot my password to sign in in the LOGIN area?

Answer: Go to the login page and click on Forgot your password?

You will receive the username and password sent to you in an email.

Questions and answers


Where can I update my personal information, like address or password?


1. You login to the Inner Circle Membership Area with your username and password

2. Check and Update your account information here