Welcome to the Study Guide Area.

The Inner Circle library has many studies in Audio and Video, including notes and manuals.

The Study Guide gives you a way to search for a subject of your interest.

How to use the spreadsheet.

If you look at a subject for example “The prophetic” we mention 2 main sources for the study material:

1. In products. These are called so, because when we started the ministry we only sold our material as products in the booktable. We added all these series to the Inner Circle in digital form. There are about 17 products. These are mostly series in audio and some in video. When you click on the link you will go the page with the audio and or video.

2. Themes of the Month
For 3 years we have created a Theme per month. 36 series of studies you can access by following the link. Each theme of the month comes also with notes you can read on-line or download.


Kees-Jan de Maa