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4. Deliverance and Inner Healing Seminar:

This course about Deliverance and Inner Healing will help you understand that the redemptive work of Jesus has the power to restore the believer in all areas of his/her life.
These teachings will show how spiritual influences work in lives and how the enemy wants to keep people bound. Neither God nor we want this to ruin the design or limit the divine potential that He, The Creator, has for each of us.  This course will help you recognize binding patterns and groups of demonic influences. You will learn to break them, stay free, and enjoy life with freedom, which will also have influence over your future generations.

Jesus offers complete restoration in people. This material will help you understand the principles of counseling and deliverance.  It will minister to you personally and enable you to help others.

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Ap Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa