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3. The Ministerial Gifts Seminar:

This course will teach you to how to discover your calling and your ministerial gifts, inspiring you to develop them according the Word of God. Through the ministerial gifts, God’s grace flows supernaturally in your life in the world around you. God desires to establish His Kingdom on this Earth and He wants to train and prepare you to be part of His plan.
These teachings will help you be aware of the grace that operates in your life, so you discover your divine gifts to dare you to fulfill all of God’s purpose for your life. When you listen to the explanation of each one of the ministerial gifts descriptions, it will also help you recognize the gifts in others. This will enhance your understanding of others and cause you to even celebrate them, as you may be the first one to benefit from with what God has given them!
As you obtain a clear understanding about these ministerial gifts, you will discover the importance of divine order in God’s Kingdom and how to align with His design to establish your place in the Body of Christ and in society.
Many have given testimony about this Seminar and how it has helped them recognized their calling, and as a result, function more effectively in the Body of Christ.

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