5. Our Identity in Christ Seminar

Our identity in Christ is a practical and profound depiction of what we already are in Christ Jesus. Many times we try to become and obtain what Jesus has already granted us by His grace. These biblical truths will change your mind, your life, and destroy the lies of the enemy. A life with joy and peace depends on what you think about your identity.

In this subject you will see heaven’s perspective about life and the future.  You will learn to manage your life depending on God and knowing Who He is. These classes will mold your mind, your language, and the way you confront and live your life. In other words, it will change your culture when you appropriate the Kingdom of God culture.

Seminars Fulfilling Destiny Ministries can offer in your city.

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We live to Inspire and Equip Others so they can do what inspires them.

Ap Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa

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