Everything Starts with Knowing Our Identity in Christ.

Before the creation of heaven and earth, God was so excited about creating man after his own image, that when man came into existence he rejoiced and said that it was very good. The purpose was that man would adapt the identity of his creator, and become like the one he would worship.

This series is about the love of God towards us in Christ Jesus. And how we start our walk of growth and strength and identity in him by looking at who God is so we can become who is he is. ...click here for more

School of the Prophetic I - by Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa

God's desire has always been to communicate with the crown of his creation: man, you and me. Through this teaching you will get a better understanding about the gifts of the Holy Spirit, who God is and how He wants you to operate in His gifts, especially that of prophecy. Enjoy!

"Gods Kingdom Plan. Aligning Earth with Heaven."

Jesus prayer is "Let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven" (Mat 6:10) In this exciting series we take a journey and dig into Gods original plan with man and His creation, and how Christ's redemptive work has empowered the believer to actually see Jesus' prayer come true. His desire is to see Gods Kingdom being established in the Earth. The journey will shape our Christian Worldview and show us how to fulfill our destiny in Christ in this time.

Effective Intercession - by Candy de Maa

Effective Intercession is a collection of theological and practical knowledge of everything that has to do with prayer and intercession. This course is an encyclopedia spoken in different areas related to the intercessory prayer of the believer. Manual is also available.

Dimensions in Intercession - by Kees-Jan and Candy Maa

Jesus taught us to pray in Matthew 6:10: "Let Your Will Be Done on earth as it is in heaven" (Matthew 6:10) "God is determined to fulfill his plan. It is he who through the Holy Spirit reveals more and more how to pray and intercede.

The economy of God - by Kees-Jan de Maa

God's desire is that each one of His children be blessed and will prosper. He is a God of abundance (John 10: 10) and wants to bless. Among the benefits of the cross is the restoration of abundance and wealth in the life of each of the children of God. This teaching will help you understand God's heart for your life as it relates to wealth and finances.

The Gifts I by Candy de Maa

Ministry gifts
God wishes to establish his kingdom on earth. In order to achieve this each believer need to know his or her ministry gifts and skills that are given by God in order to carry out his purpose in establishing His Kingdom.  Manual is available.

The Gifts II - by Candy de Maa

Gifts of the Holy SpiritLiving in the Kingdom of God is a supernatural life. God has called us to be a witness of him  wherever we go. For this we need the empowerment with supernatural power and training of the Holy Spirit to do so.

Familias con Propósito - por Kees-Jan y Candy de Maa  (Manual)

Topic by topic you will understand the important factors that will help improve relationships in your marriage and family life. Through this teaching practice you can see the values ​​that really matter in life, which when applied have lasting results, resulting in happy and united families.

Dimensions in the Prophetic - by Candy Maa

Growing to other levels in the prophetic. In the prophetic there are different levels. Prophet Candy de Maa shares important keys on how to grow into other dimensions in the prophetic. We all need to grow and develop our supernatural life in the Kingdom of God. Divine revelation is central to everything we want to accomplish in our lives and in Gods Kingdom. Enjoy the other levels!

5 Selected Messages by Candy de Maa

Topics include: The Heart of a Mother, Living a Holy Spirit-filled Life, Women of Destiny, How to receive favor from God and “if I do nothing, nothing will happen”.

Seminar of Deliverance and Inner healing - by Candy de Maa

Candy de Maa has been actively involved in this type of counseling since 1990. Her visit to Argentina in the early nineties when she stayed at the home of Carlos Anacondia and visited the "tent of delliverance" started a new dimension in this important ministry to the heart and soul of every believer. The content and examples will help you identify what can be the source of things in your life that have bound you up for so long. Practical steps are provided, based upon the word of God so you can be truly free and healed by Gods love. The Manual is also Available

Deborah - By  Candy de Maa  (Audio and Video)

By studying the life of Deborah in the Bible we discover the secret of Deborah and how she became the mother of her nation.You will learn how to become a person of influence and power in the place where God has placed you.

Prophetic and apostolic evangelism - the prophet Sharon Stone

In English and Spanish translation by Candy Dr. Sharon Stone is a prophet known for her powerful preaching and acute deep prophetic words. She is a well known preacher who travels the world, specializing in social transformation, and activation and mobilization of believers in their gifts.

Ruth - Candy de Maa  (Video)

In these messages from the life of Ruth you will learn to see things as God sees them and they will teach you how to think properly so you can see his hand working in your life. You will see in a very practical way the beautiful character of God reflected throughout all of history and learn to live in the new position given by God once He rescues you from the difficult  circumstances.

Nuevas Vestiduras - Candy de Maa  (Video)

Through each of these messages you will learn in a very practical way to be dressed in the new spiritual clothes that God has for you. These truths will help you build your new identity with strength, honor and purpose. It will help develop the image you have of yourself because it teaches you to grow from "glory to glory." Your life will be transformed by these messages.

El Poder de la Oración - Candy de Maa   (Video)

You will hear in a practical and easy way how to pray and be inspired by God to intercede according to his will. You learn about the power of declarations and decrees that will open new areas for you. Discover a new dimension in prayer so you can open a path of blessing in front of you to walk according to God's purpose in life.