School of the Prophetic I - by Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa
God is a communicator, and He loves to talk to His creation, especially His children.

In this series Kees-Jan and Candy explain how to activate and operate in the gifts of the Spirit. God equips us with gifts so we can walk and fulfill our destiny in Him. We are called to walk by faith in all the fulness God has given to us. In this series you will come to a better understanding of what God has for you and how to activate it in your life to better serve others and establish Gods kingdom on earth.

We taught this series at a Korean congregation in a period of 6 months in Dallas TX.

We lay down a foundation for you to understand Gods heart, His plan and how to operate in the gifts, especially the prophetic. There are activations that you can also do at the end of most sessions.

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